Our solutions

At Resource Integration, we are committed to providing the most effective and proven best practices and technologies to drive our recruitment strategy.  We accomplish this through precise integration of people, process and technology and our unwavering commitment to providing affordable and perfectly tailored recruitment solutions.   Unemployment is the lowest it has been in five decades.  

It is a candidates market and employers need to take a new approach to attract top talent.  

Our approach enables us to recruit across all functional areas and levels of an organization with the utmost precision and focus.  Our process is well defined and constantly evolving to ensure we are utilizing the most effective strategies to find top talent to delight our clients. From AI and ML to social sourcing and leveraging our circle of influence, we are always testing new innovative ways to identify and acquire top talent.

Data Driven Recruitment Strategy

We utilize the power of data to drive our recruitment strategy.  Through the initial sourcing phase to candidate assessment and presenting candidates to clients, our deep dive data analytics allow us to identify gaps and obstacles along the way so we can quickly and easily recalibrate, which results in finding the highest caliber talent  with reduced time to hire.

Collaborative Sourcing

Our team comes from the worlds best to collaborate with other exceptional recruiters.  We have built a network of the brightest and most talented niche recruiting professionals to collaborate in every functional area.  

We leverage our network to ensure you are seeing the best and brightest talent in all functional areas.  Whether you are looking for a Software Development Engineer, a Director of Accounting or a Human Resources Manager, we have you covered.

State of the Art Technology

As the recruitment space becomes more focused on automation, we have implemented the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to uncover hidden talent and engage with them faster and more effectively.  We leverage smart search algorithms, advanced Boolean searches, artificial intelligence and machine learning to source the best talent not actively looking for opportunities.  

Talent Assessments

Our expertise in talent assessments allows us to assess technical and soft skills as well as cultural fit.  To do this we use scientifically proven leadership profile assessments and behavioral based interviewing to provide data driven hiring decisions. 

Candidate Relationship Management

In the current candidates market,  delivering an exceptional candidate experience is crucial to acquiring talent in a highly competitive environment.  We do this with "white glove" service.  Our team ensures consistent and open communication throughout the process, providing candidates with detailed briefings on clients company, culture, and team so they feel confident in the position and company. We want them to feel excited about their prospective opportunity and the care they receive along the way.  True success is matching the right candidate to the right company, position, and organizational culture.