About Us


Trusted Advisers

Our goal at Resource Integration is to be trusted advisers to our candidate and clients.  We are here to make great connections. To accomplish this, we work with our clients to understand their unique talent needs for short-term and long-term strategy.  We do this for our candidates as well.  We use data analytics to match the right candidate to the right job at the right time.


Unique Needs Require Unique Solutions

We are not a one size fits all firm.  We succeed when you succeed.  We do not provide the standard recruitment firm options of services.  We consult with you to understand what will best serve you in meeting your needs and we develop a customized solution and strategic recruitment plan that we execute on with speed and accuracy.


Close the deal

We are expert recruiters and negotiators.  Finding the best and brightest talent is the first step.  We strive to create a win-win offer package that will excite and delight both our candidates and our clients for mutual satisfaction.  This is how loyalty and long-term partnership are truly created.